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The Business of Shopbop: Retargeted Ads

Shopbop does an awesome job of retargeting ads. Many times I return to the site for an item I previously abandoned.

Even if you haven't heard of retargeting advertising, you've probably been subject to it. I know I have.

My favorite fashion obsessions are following me.

I'd visit Shopbop and browse DVF shoes. Then, I'd be on Techcrunch, reading about the latest start-up planning an IPO and those cute DVF ballet flats would be staring me in the face. Teasing me. Taunting me. Next stop: NYT to keep tabs on the state of the economy. Oh damn, those shoes are there again! How did they know?!

This highly effective type of ad serve is called behavioral retargeting, and brand marketers are using it to capture your attention—and keep it.

Here's how it works: