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Intrigued by Inporia

Courtesy of Inporia

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I wanted to write about something I love. Trouble is, there are two topics I love equally: fashion and technology. I wasn't even sure how to marry the two, but I thought I'd try. Turns out, there are other folks who don't think this blend of high tech and high fashion is too crazy either.

I was browsing Hacker News today and came across a post from San Francisco-based start-up Inporia. Still in stealth mode, Inporia promises to be "your personal shopping concierge, helping you find sales and new arrivals for brands and products you love."

The company secured $1.25M in seed funding last May, and has since added a few executives to its roster of "Stanford grads, Google alumni, and someone who worked at Chanel."