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What Sephora Can Teach You About Mobile Retail

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, the unofficial start of a long weekend of love and romance. Ladies worldwide will want to look their best—whether they’re in a relationship or not.

Fortunately, we live in an age where it’s easier than ever to access your favorite shade of NARS lipstick or signature Chanel perfume. Here's an example: Sephora, one of the world's largest beauty and cosmetics retailer, is leading the way with a mobile strategy that took off with the introduction of Apple’s Passbook in the fall of 2012. And Sephora isn't slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, Sephora is fast becoming a big-brand pioneer when it comes to using a strong mobile strategy to lift user engagement and drive sales from its increasingly loyal customer base. Here's what you can learn from it:


Big-Data Analytics for Your Closet?!

Stylitics is for your wardrobe what Mint is for your finances.

I am obsessed with fashion. I am obsessed with technology (and, more recently, analytics). So, Stylitics is a dream come true. Well, the idea of it, anyway.

Stylitics is, by most accounts, an analytics dashboard for your closet. Stylitics is meant to help you manage your clothes and track the usage (and ROI?) of each item. It does for your wardrobe what Mint does for your finances.

I signed up for an invite tonight—the product is still in private beta.


Uber, Are You Tracking That? <3

Tickle me pink

I'm trying to put together date-night outfits every Friday. Here's this week's fabulous idea: a pink blazer over a dainty, white mini dress.

I actually can't take credit for it; my friend Cemile found it and I totally fell in love with it. Hopefully we'll be meeting our dates in different parts of the city. I'd hate to go head to head with her in a San Francisco version of "Who Wore It Best?" (She's pretty hot.) For more fashion ideas and all things SF, check out Cemile's fun blog: SFWeekends.

Okay, that was your fashion fix. Now, here's my technology musing.

I used Uber tonight to meet my boyfriend downtown for our weekly date.