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Favorite Grammy Red Carpet Looks

Paris Hilton in Basil Soda | Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferretti

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A Dress for the Girls


Sometimes my boyfriend accuses me of dressing for my girlfriends, and not for him. Here are some things he just doesn't understand: maxi dresses, leopard print and anything Nicole Richie might wear.

So, I wasn't surprised when I showed him this amazing Proenza Schouler shirt dress and he gave me the stink face. "Definitely not cute," he said.

In response to his utterly bad sense of style (he swears he was voted "Best Dressed" in high school and I just don't believe it!), here are some reasons this does works:


Counting Down to Jason Wu for Target

The Jason Wu for Target collection hits stores Feb. 5

It's Thrifty Thursdays—the day we showcase some fabulous finds for the babe on a budget.

This week I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on ANYTHING from the Jason Wu for Target collection. These pieces are adorable! Simply adorable!


Wish-List Wednesday: Celine Trapeze Bag

Celine Trapeze Bag (Spring 2012)

It's Wish-List Wednesday. This week I am pining over the Celine Trapeze in Multicolor Calfskin Royal Blue. It's part of the Spring 2012 collection.

Constructed of smooth multicolor calfskin leather, this designer handbag is gathered at the sides for a unique trapeze effect. It's finished with gold hardware, an embossed flap-over top and a detachable shoulder strap. Overstock has a sale on the basic black version.


Data Science and the Art of Winning (and Wedding?) in Las Vegas

Data is big—and getting bigger. Thanks to modern technology, we’re facing “data deluge.” And, this access to big data is opening doors for a new (crucial) role in the new economy: the data scientist.

Forbes’ Dan Woods has a great series on data scientists. A couple recent spotlights are Monica Rogati and Daniel Tunkelang, data scientists at LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s data scientists “turn big data into big value, delivering products that delight users and insight that forms business decisions.” It’s this type of “big value” that leads to innovative products like the professional networking company’s “People You May Know” feature.

From medical researchers to social and mobile app developers, we’re all trying to interpret data as fast as we can, to make better business decisions as fast as we can. That’s why people like Rogati and Tunkelang are imperative to bringing much-needed order to the information chaos.

Data scientists give you more focus on the massive amounts of data now available—what slice(s) of data you should be honing in on, what the data is telling you, how to predict what’s going to happen next based on historical data. Data is useless without science.


A Creative Outlet for the Shopaholic

A Dark Night for the French Fatale

Hello, my name is Catherine and I am a shopaholic. (My friends call me "Cat.")

I started TiffTaff because I need a creative outlet. This is just a test post, and here's my first creation; I call it "A Dark Night for the French Fatale."

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to do here, except that I'd like spend my time making something beautiful—and not shopping and spending too much money for another coat, dress, handbag, pair of shoes, etc. that I don't need.

So instead, I'll put together virtual outfits. Hopefully they'll inspire me to, as my friend says, "shop my own closet" before heading to the mall. And, I hope they inspire you to get creative with your own threads.

Without further ado, here are items in this first set: