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How Mobile Retail App Pose Tracks User Behaviors Across Multiple Devices

Pose is a desktop and mobile application where thousands of the world’s top fashion and beauty trendsetters share their outfits everyday. On Pose, users can follow the people with style they like, shop their outfits, and create personal collections of the looks they love.

Because Pose has developed applications across multiple platforms (desktop, iOS, Android), the executive team wanted to learn how these apps perform on each platform. The team also wanted more visibility into their users’ behavioral differences on the different platforms. Specifically, Pose wanted to take a closer look at the retention rates of each user segment. For example, did tablet users stay in the app longer than smartphone users? Are there differences in user retention across iOS and Android smartphones? This would guide the development team in designing content specific for the context of each device.

Using kSuite Multiscreen to analyze user behavior, Pose executives quickly identified the platforms that produced the highest traffic of users and acquisitions. They also evaluated their app performance through retention metrics, one of their key performance indicators (KPIs). The company wants its users to not only download the app, but also to return frequently and stay for longer sessions.

“Using kSuite Multiscreen, we’re able to gain insights that enable us to better target the most engaged users,” said Rachel Morris, Head of Product, Pose. “It helps us to assess which communications are engaging to our iOS users versus Android users, whether it be push notifications, in-app messages or email.” Additionally, kSuite Multiscreen provides Pose’s executive team a convenient way to access data quickly, in an easy-to-read report.

“Prior to kSuite Multiscreen, we did not have a graphic representation of our cross-platform performance. Now, we can just log in,” added Morris. “We’re able to rapidly identify discrepancies and iterate. In a business where your customers are connected 24/7, you cannot afford the opportunity costs associated with not knowing how your customers like to use your product—especially across so many platforms.”



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About the Author
Catherine Mylinh leads Upsight, Inc.'s New Markets business unit, which is responsible for the company's development and growth in new verticals. Upsight's comprehensive analytics and marketing platform allows app developers to track user behavior, decide what it means and take immediate action.

Catherine has worked in both B2B and B2C tech spaces, where she has successfully led global product launches and spearheaded high-performing, metrics-driven brand and demand generation programs, building millions of dollars in pipeline and closed-won deals for several publicly traded companies.

Prior to her move back to tech (she started as a programmer!), Catherine was a news anchor for NBC and CBS stations throughout the country. In 2006, Catherine was the lead reporter for coverage in which she and her news team earned an Emmy Award for Best Daytime Newscast. She has also been the recipient of several Associated Press Awards for reporting. Catherine's broadcast career began in San Francisco, the country's fifth largest TV market, where she covered the Bay Area’s business and tech sectors. After years of traveling and working in various news markets, her broadcast career came full circle: Catherine returned to the Bay Area's NBC O&O station, where she anchored her last newscast.

Catherine studied journalism, math and computer science.

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