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Intrigued by Inporia

Courtesy of Inporia

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, I wanted to write about something I love. Trouble is, there are two topics I love equally: fashion and technology. I wasn't even sure how to marry the two, but I thought I'd try. Turns out, there are other folks who don't think this blend of high tech and high fashion is too crazy either.

I was browsing Hacker News today and came across a post from San Francisco-based start-up Inporia. Still in stealth mode, Inporia promises to be "your personal shopping concierge, helping you find sales and new arrivals for brands and products you love."

The company secured $1.25M in seed funding last May, and has since added a few executives to its roster of "Stanford grads, Google alumni, and someone who worked at Chanel."

Founder Ryan Junee tells Techcrunch:

[T]he start-up sits “at the intersection of eCommerce, machine learning, and social data” and will be “combining many of the social and gaming techniques that work so well for Facebook games.”

eCommerce? Machine learning? Social data? Well, hot damn. It's everything I am writing about today. I just got on the wait list; I can't wait to learn more. (Follow them: @inporia)

If you're interested in joining the team, here's the Hacker News article:

Can we hack fashion? Inporia (YC W11) thinks so

Fashion may be one of the last industries you'd think of disrupting with technology, but we believe we're onto something.

We are looking to add another software engineer to our small but expert team. You'll spend most of your time coding in javascript (coffeescript) and rails, but our stack also includes python, scala and clojure. You'll be self-motivated and able to figure out the 'right' thing to do without being told. You're entrepreneurial-minded and probably want to start your own company someday (and we'll help mentor you and introduce you to the right people so you can do so).

We're probably the only company with Stanford grads, Google alumni, and someone who worked at Chanel. You don't necessarily need to be fashionable, but you should understand how important fashion is to most people in the world (it helps people express who they uniquely are, and feel confident and good about themselves).

Read the full posting.

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